Monday, December 19, 2011

A long day at the office.

Made this one as a part of an art test. I'm happy to report that it went well but that's all I can say for now. We're also finally working on the HippiePippiePocalypse pages! It's immensely fun and I can't wait to show everyone the results :D I wish i could draw faster and had more then just two properly working arms!


  1. I feel like this today :/
    wonderful piece!

  2. looks really nice :)
    really like the style of this piece

    can't wait for the HippiePippiePocalypse pages ^^

  3. awesome colors and shading and I love the 'run this way for exit' thing, it really amplifies the feeling!

  4. That soft shadow... delicious!
    Love the piece. And the door sign.

  5. I know that many people say that, but you've captured the essence of a Thursday afternoon coming back house.
    I really like your blog design and use of color.
    closely follow you :)