Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Shhhh!! DeeDee & Owly are sleeping.

I can draw great danes noaw! Which is good, because one of the HippiePippiePocalypse characters is a great dane. I spent yesterday morning practicing, and already this morning when I woke up, I felt I was much more familiar with dog anatomy.

So now I can finally introduce Owly, he's grey with a white spot on his eye. You'll see more of their antics soon!


  1. The upper paw looks oddly bent. Not sure if dogs sleep with upheld heads, or is his head supposed to rest on hers? That wouldn't work perspectively.
    The girl is super cute - curious to see her in full color!
    Something about her legs bugs me though... can't quite pinpoint it. Maybe consider joining her upper leg differently to the lower leg. I mean just a little bit more overlap, considering the perspective. Totally nitpicking here :D

  2. Thanks Thomas! I definitely see what you mean, I should have spent more time on the sketch to make it more solid.

    BTW, there are already a couple of colored images of DeeDee! Or are you talking about this drawing in particular?

  3. It would be cool if the dog would drool all over DeeDee in his sleep, I’m not sure what the dog’s character is but a drooly big dog would be awsome :) or one whit hanging cheeks (not sure how to call tose lippy thingy’s dog’s have)

    Ow or even better let DeeDee drool all over Owly :D

  4. I just meant that I want to see the picture colored.

  5. @Jo: Mutual drooling would be awesome! Great idea, I'm definitely going to let that happen in the story at some point!

    @Thomas, I'll have to see. To many plans, too little time XD
    You know, the usual!