Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Meet DeeDee!! (a.k.a. Dr. Drugs)

I'm very proud to present DeeDee! A psycho-pharmacist, lonesome traveler, experimental scientist and an adorkable ginger.
She's a character for the HippiePippiePocalypse comic. Yes, that was a link to afacebook page. Yes I would like you to hit the Like button. Yes I'm desperate for your approval.

© David Smit & Nadia Karroue

This is DeeDee's Space Ship. A science girl's paradise! She Also has a dog (great dane) named Owly. I'll post pics of him soon!


  1. Nice redesign of the very old good french "Tube"
    >>> http://www.forum-auto.com/uploads/200307/intercooler_2207200304_hy_court_0010.jpg

  2. How cool! You recognized the Citroen! :D

  3. Dr. drugs kinda reminded me of breaking bad :D,
    but i like DeeDee's design.. she has that playful theme to her.. and the spaceship is UBER-awesome too

  4. Breaking Bad? Not bad! ^^ Awesome, thanks!

  5. I love those cut-outs concept art type of things, and yours is awesome, I love the style!