Friday, September 16, 2011

Star Boy

I haven't posted anything in aaaages! But here's something I had lying around. I drew this little guy for a potential client. I might have mentioned it before, but for some reason I fucking love drawing characters with giant heads. I'm also trying out cell-shading to speed up my production work. Pretty fun!


  1. Adorable, cute design! I like those shoes!

  2. Thanks Phil! Yea I wouldn't mind wearing those shoes :P

  3. NAAADIA! I need to talk to you! Someone is ripping us off big time. Look at this asshole:!/photo.php?fbid=188259647888423&set=pu.188259007888487&type=1&theater
    yes, that is YOUR image of ME being made into pins and sold. We have to do something now. email me. D