Monday, July 18, 2011

Sketch dump!

Just a bunch a sketches and doodles:


    I don't know the 3rd one? Looks cool! (but bigger version doesn't work on my browser?).

    anyhow, more?

  2. Looks great! I love the sketches :)
    Very smooth and nice lines…

  3. Fixed! I think that happens when you rearrange the images. You should be able to see all larger versions now!

    Thanks guys ^^

  4. They all work now!

    Wow, the second one is lovely... I like them all, but those beautiful, gummy faces are fantastic.

    Can I ask you a question?
    I had a look at your website (great stuff there as well) and noticed those videogames backdrops... Are they all painted from scratch? Or do you use some kind of 3D model in order to achieve that 'solid' look?
    I'm trying to do something vaguely similar, but just for fun, so it would come in handy to know if there's some sort of shortcut/easier way to achieve that particular look (it looks really time consuming).

    Thanks alot! x

  5. Hey Matteo! About those backgrounds, they're very time consuming indeed (some more then others) They are collaborations with Tom Jilesen. Here's an example of his super detailed line art:

    And yes he uses 3D for it to help him with the perspective and to keep the style consistent.
    I then color the line art. I recommend you check out his stuff! You can find more of his sexy lines there.