Monday, March 21, 2011

A Face

Because it has been a while since I updated! I'm not slacking, I swear!
This lil painting I did during breaks I took from work, it's not super spectacular I guess but it was fun though! Had some reference too. It's inspired by Vika Yermolyeva, something about her face just really made me want to paint it. So pretty ^^


  1. Awesome painting, Nadia!!! You did a perfect job!! I will search t see who Vika is. :D Hugs!!

  2. You know, just thinking about it: There is a visible disconnect of the hair/skull part to the face. Maybe it is simply that a shadow is missing. Clearly the hair would darken the surrounding area down. That makes the upper part seem more comic-style than the detailed rendering of the features.
    Very cool picture anyways though.

  3. Lovely stuff, I really dig how you painted the nose :D