Wednesday, February 16, 2011

preview debut comic: Kidnappers!!!

sooo, I'm working on a comic (super) short story, but it's going slooooowww like snails because of work and other distractions. Regardless, I WILL have it finished before the end of the month! If i don't make it, I'm committing suicide! You heard me!!


  1. ahmagad ill give you some enthusiasm and cheering so youll finish it in time!! it looks aweesome! no really, i love your colors and smooth shading, and im really curious about your story, so finish it!!

  2. For just one second I was totally confused and feared I had schizophrenia and just commented on my own post XD Seriously!!

    But thanks! :D That's really good to hear! Let's hope I won't have to kill myself! *laughs nervously*

  3. awesomenesss!!!! looking good, finish it!

  4. just two more frames.. some work came in between so I forgive myself. But if I don't have it finished by monday I'm really ending my life!
    I'll probably dive head first into a wood shredder.. at least it will look amazing.