Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Punk Muslim Girl Tribute

There's a huge story behind this but I'm not gonna bore anyone with it so I'll keep it short. I saw this pic yesterday and just kinda fell in love with it.


  1. prachtig gezicht, vooral die ogen!

  2. haha..die foto.. awesome :)

    great work.. the face is awesome.. loving the eyes

  3. hey, can you tell me the story about this picture please?
    i'd be happy if youd write me, i am interested in muslim punk and taqwacores.

  4. Is it real??? I mean, Im going to convert to Islam, but I'm punk rocker, i mean, i want to keep listening to punk, bt rlly I want to know if if it is allowed.
    Plz contact to me here

    Thanx a lot!