Sunday, May 2, 2010


Dawwww I'd so love to win that book! here's a link to the competition So yea, you're supposed to draw an animal in a competitive sport. This is a cheetah jockey riding a zebra and while racing he was getting hungry. Ow shit, poor zebra.

Ooohh and if anyone has any crits, lemmy know and help me get it right! or sorta right.. sorta right is also ok ^^


  1. You couldn't resist dipping into colors, didn't you? :D Were you scared of the Zebra-body? As nice as the colors are, finishing the drawing would be the more practical way. Also for judging it - the idea doesn't come across by itself yet. A jockey saddle/gear and other more defined riders in the background will help.
    And be careful with the legs - I would not put them on equal height. Try to get it as dynamic as possible - so don't be scared to let one go out of frame.
    The expressions of the animals are spot on. I think it will turn out really nice. Ganbatte Kudasai!

  2. Haha cool concept! And the colours are looking great. Also, the pose etc is lookin good - keep on at this piece and let us see the progress! Hard to crit at this stage :D

  3. Yeah, the zebra already looks so awesome!

    Good luck with the contest, lady, wish u can get the first prize! :3