Monday, April 5, 2010

Hit-Girl sketch and a chick kicking a beach ball

I have finally completed kick-ass. I'm so glad i read it before the movie came out. Totally awesome stuff ^^
Here's Hit-Girl and some random hot chick.


  1. thanks wanja! ^^ they were loads of fun to do, sadly i had to get back to work :(
    How about you? got anything new to show off? I wanna seeee!

  2. Hey girl,
    how are u? :)

    Lovely drawings, especially dig the first one... The way u did her body is so fresh and beautiful.


  3. hmm yeh.. no.. I don't really believe in myself anymore..
    Doing lots of ref studies nowadays in hopes that they can save my soul...

  4. Thanks Matteo ^^ Yea,.. i totally felt like drawing a sassy lady :P

    And Wanja, don't worry. that just happens sometimes, hopefully less as we grow older and wiser (and give less of a shit) The only thing i can recommend is drawing stuff that's fun and makes you happy for a while.. to amuse yourself. without expecting it to be the sickest shit out there on the interwebs :P Good luck!