Wednesday, January 13, 2010

o.O No she didn't!


XD just sharing my horrible sense of humor with you guys :P Hallmark should offer me a job me thinks. *nods*

Anyways, boys! Print this out and give it to your gf when the "time is right" *wink wink* .. And then post her reaction here please.


  1. Haha, well, its almost time, so, I guess I should send her an e-card :P

  2. @Devin: \o/ if that was her reaction

    @Monkey: wait wait.. I think i might have a finished version by tomorrow, it'll be better! and don't forget to post her reaction XD

    oh and if you guys have any better words to put on the card let me know.

  3. Hahahaha, this is great... As well as ur website/blog/works, really beautiful and inspiring.