Thursday, January 7, 2010

I paintuh a boyyy

Last week i hanged out with DanisWorld
and had the privilege to watch her paint! Damn, I think it learned a lot from it!! We also did a colab but didnt get to finish it because stupid me hadnt slept in daaays so i was super slow :P

Anyways, When i watched her paint i really felt like trying out some new stuff myself. and then home again i painted this boy, and then suddenly the power went out for one second and then went back on again XD ohh well!!!


  1. Stupid power!!! ^_^ You have your first piece of the new year up already, I have to start something too!!! What kind of new stuff did you try?

  2. Mostly brushes and a different process of painting actually. But it's really different from how i usually work and use photoshop.. I'm liking it so far but no pretty results yet :( I'll need to practice it way more to get something good out. But it's fun so I'm happy ^^