Tuesday, November 24, 2009

ninja doodle


  1. Now that's cute! Maybe because she kinda has your face.

  2. weird huh! like this asian cartoony me or something.. no idea how that happend.
    well anyway I'm flattered! But I'm in no way as cool as a ninja.

  3. Hm, he's right, she does look like you a bit (oooh, online flirtation, harr harr), Asian you :) Haha, Im such a sucker for your blue/green backgrounds, love em. So, she looks cool, face is awesome, but for a ninja she's a bit stiff. Oh well ^^

  4. yeah you know all about that, dont you! XD

    Anyways, thanks! and yes.. way to stiff, I've been doing the weirdest sketches lately to get rid or stiffness. Oh well -_-

  5. Hey, I joined Hyves back in the days just for you, so yea, I know ;) Worked for us ^^

    Ok, to get rid of the stiffness, put down some random lines and try to find poses in there, dont worry to much about precisely correct anatomy, but focus on flow and shapes. Also, try poses that shouldnt really be possible, but look real, think about the bodies like flowing things, graceful dancers. Long limbs and curves used to work for me. Avoid straight lines. Try different angles. It's fun :D

  6. Saw this, might also help. It makes me want to draw ninjas, and I hardly draw anything.


  7. Thanks for the advice Monkey.. actually that's exactly what i've been doing! XD Guess it just needs time

    Holy crap Jasper, that is some seriously awesome shit!

  8. hih I is looking at ur blog again since some time..
    ninja looks like she has something important to say..
    well.. sketcheridoo!!
    lil overpaint... doesnt look stiff to me.. just little off (balance/flow/mumbojumbodance)
    rotated the leg an 8bit.. peep bloop beep

  9. ow dude heck! Thanks for the overpaint, i totally see your point, that does work better!