Monday, May 11, 2009

more golden


  1. Ah, the face is back... dunno if I like her better with or without... Without the face she's definitely more 'Godlike', a higher being. Less understandable, uhm, more divine I guess? With it, she looks more benevolent, more capable of emotion and love.
    At first i thought her womb had a little clock, but they're actually moons right? Also, cause of the round shape, it makes me think of birth control pills, you know, the round case they sometimes are in. Dunno if that was intentional.

    I love her golden colors, and now that she has them, she's finally getting depth and mass. Looking good!

  2. Yeah the no face thing just didnt work out i think,it just looked weird. Mabe I could have changed the shape of the face to match the no face thing better. Or maybe I cut have cut the whole under part of the face off.
    In any case, while working on this I'm just getyting ideas and ideas for redesigns. But I'll have to keep em in my head for now.
    They clock looks like birth control? That was totally unintentional but I love it :D

    The golden colors are starting to bore me! XD I'm not used to sticking to a color scheme at all, waaay to little colors for my taste. At least it's high contrast so that's good.

    I'm gonna hurry up and try out some animating. I have to have a demo finished by friday. Exciting!