Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Virgin sketch

I'm working on the sketch of the Virgin Robot,.. I really hoped I´d be able to finish it within a day but as you can see that´s not gonna happen.

Also.. I got some real good news today, the financing of the project came through.. I guess this is really happening ^^


  1. Really digging the robot designs thus far Nadia :)
    I like the bush shaped ornament a lot, very subtle and feminine. I also really dig her womb, even though she's a 'virgin' robot, you made a reference to maternal love. Does this mean your robots can get pregnant? *imagines pregnant robots... woah, cool image, with transparent womb and a little baby robot in there, wires and stuff* Lessee, I also love her 'realistic' breasts and how they shape around the heart shape, makes her more human and same time more constructed, if you know what I mean. Is there a reason you decided to let go of her eyes? They kinda made the robots more... alive, or maybe even emotional, since us humans tend to feel intellect and life when something watches us, follows our movements with their eyes. Not a big fan of the antennas, I know, its classic robot style and all, but I always think it makes robots look a bit insectlike or whatever. Also wondering why you went with this pose, looks like she just got an idea :D I wanna see some feet in the next sketch! Show us some legs baby! Haha!

    Anyways, these look amazing, they get my creative juices flowing, I wanna make fanart!

  2. Again, that pose, when looking at the older sketches, most of them have this... one hand touching the heart and one hand raising a finger pose... *thinks* isnt that the virgin mary pose in clssic paintings? *investigates*

  3. How does this work anyway? Do you get notified when i reply in my own blog? Or should I just go to yours and reply there? :S oww well..

    Virgins have wombs too, my point was to make it hallow so it's visible to everyone that she's not with child. Her womb will stay forever empty since she is completely devoted to the system (god). I know the robots would look more emotional/alive/human with eyes. That's precisly the reason why they dont have em. I dont want these bots to be associated with cyborgs of humans wearing suits. I want them to be alien and divine. Not like us but better. Free of distracting emotions. I agree about the antennas.. they totally have to go. it makes the bot a bit of a joke. and the pose.. I'm not quite there yet but it is indeed a reference to the icons. This is what I'm going for but not quite so passive.. I want something like this, but a bit freakier.. with a bit more conviction.

  4. ow and thanks for the comment ^^

  5. Exactly the pic I had in mind when i suddenly realized what pose you were going for. Thanks for explaining the womb and eyes thing, totally see what your going for now, awesome.

    Dunno, I do get notified when someone comments on my blog, but not if you reply on a comment of mine. Though I just noticed a 'Subscribe by email' thingie, maybe that's how I subscribe to your blog? *scratches head*
    Ok, just clicked it, and yep, thats what it is :p

    Now I do want to draw a robot baby in a transparent robot womb... loads of wires (I love dem wires), I know doesnt make any sense, robot babies, unless it some kind of reference to how scientist are trying to make evolving robots, start out 'simple' and gradually add more and more refined stuff. Hmyea.
    Gotta wait till monday though, doc says I cant draw till then :'(

  6. Are gonna draw baroque robots too?? I love the idea of a pregnant robots, it's pretty fucked up freaky. But actually.. I think you should totally finish that satellite soda sketch. It just rocked soooo damn much.

  7. Got several new SS sketches for the artbook, including that one, needs a lot of work though, better angle etc. I do want 2-3 finished pieces. I WANT TO DRAAAAAWWW!!! *ugh*

    Probably wont be a baroque robot, kinda got the idea of a human baby with wires in my head now, in a modified female body, like... disturbing cyborg. Human body degraded just to grow babies. Or something.

  8. Woah! super awesome and very much Red Monkey. You should totally do that. love it ^^