Monday, April 27, 2009

Immaculate Heart V2.0

I'm currently working on a project called Immaculate Heart V2.0. I'm trying to get it into the Venice Biennale through Hopefully it works out! I'm dying to make this happen. My baroque robots on a friggin huge ass screen!

Here's the teaser text:

Love is fragile.

Most people associate the word love with the connection two can people have when they feel trust and lust. But lovers are often led by jealousy and insecurity. What if that other person would not return your love, would you still feel the same? Or would the love you felt wither all too soon and die away completely?

Is the love of a mother truly unconditional? What if a child does something that would be interpreted by the mother as betrayal. Would she still love her child? Besides, should the intense instinctual care a mother provides for her child be confused with love?

What about love for all humanity? If we already have such trouble loving so few in our lives, is love for all humanity even an option for us humans?

We are in need of a new Icon. A new symbol of perfect, sinless love. Immaculate Heart V2.0 are three robots programmed to feel pure and perfect love. They feel what we try to feel but somehow never quite get it. And you can get their advice and blessing for the price of a text message.

Immaculate Heart V2.0 will be released this summer. Get your advice and blessing through the purest medium possible. Text message Virgin Love, Maternal Love or Enlightened Love to #.....

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